The riot act

Part of being in communications means, I’m always looking for the story angle.

This week, I didn’t write anything that resembled The riot act, but was on the receiving end of one as a parent at a sports team meeting. OK, maybe “riot act” is a bit strong, but the coach did set expectations for the new year on things like punctuality, effort, having a positive attitude during training – everything you would want a little talk about now and again.

But today, there was something else. Our team is on the cusp of something amazing. After years of work, nearly half our athletes are ready to advance to the next level and be highly competitive in provincial competitions.  To do this, the coach needs everyone on board because asking her to spend time telling people not to goof around is time taken away from these kids on the cusp.

For the entire 60 minutes I couldn’t stop thinking that our story needed a different voice. Our story, didn’t need the riot act. It needed a rally cry, because “Together, as a team and as individuals, our future is bright.”

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