It’s showtime, so put your runners on

Every company has marquee events. Ours comes up every fall when my 7-year old’s back-to-school stress, waking up early to make lunches and after-school swimming lessons come to a head with my guilty pleasure – work.

Preparing for an annual conference is one of the most rewarding times of the year because I get to do all the things I love about my job:

  • Meet people to figure out what their strategy is for the year
  • Come up with the best narrative for their stories
  • Build, rebuild, edit and rebuild presentations
  • Write speaking notes that are authentic for the presenter and relevant for the audience

But what I love most out these conferences, is watching it all come to life at the back of the room, which usually amounts to about 10% of the day.The majority of the time is spent on my running on my feet.

Running frantically  between rooms to find the next speaker so they can get mic’d up.

Running between aisles during the Q&A, only to get the mic to someone after they finished asking their question.

Running to back office to get Sharpies because a speaker wanted to #tbt and use an easel & markers during their presentation.

Running to the buffet lunch with 5 minutes before the afternoon session starts.

By the end of my first conference, I was running in bare feet and my high heels were hiding under my seat.

Since that year, I’ve been smart enough to leave the heels at home and lace up instead.


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