5 reasons to love & use subtitles

Subtitles are underrated. They never get the flashy text treatment of a headline or get featured on their own but they are so helpful in communications! Here are 5 reasons you should love and use subtitles in presentations, memos, articles and speaking notes.

  1. Subtitles guide a reader through the story line
  2. Readers can skim subtitles and get the overall message of your story
  3. They break up a wall of text and make the article more visually approachable
  4. Subtitles are great transitions to your next point
  5. Common subtitles like, “Action required: XYZ” or “For more information” provide structure and consistency for the writer and the reader

Next time you’re working on something, try mapping out your story with subtitles. It’s a great tool to help you be a more efficient writer and a helpful exercise to get over writer’s block in a pinch.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

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