I’m thinking of insuring my hands…

How many of you think about your hands and specifically, how important they are to your livelihood? I’m going to guess very few of you.

A few weeks ago, I was in a sewing class and sewed my finger!

It sounds like something you could do easily, but actually it’s very hard. The sewing machine has a guard that prevents your finger from getting too close to the needle.


Photo: Chris Ko

But sometimes, you might need to sew with a zipper foot, which leaves a lot of room for error because there is no guard at all. Look how close your finger can get to the needle itself:

Photo: Chris Ko

My finger got way too close that terrible day and sewed my finger. The needle went right through my finger and then came right back out.

Photo: Chris Ko

It looks like a tiny puncture but it hurt for days and every time I typed, it was so sore.

So that got me thinking, Maybe I should insure my hands. 

I mean, you never know. Today I need my hands to type but one day I may be discovered as the next top hand model.

george-handsPhoto & video credit: TBS YouTube Channel 
Featured photo credit: pixabay.com

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