5 snacks that help me write

Like any job, writing can be stressful. Sometimes, it’s a tight deadline that sends my blood pressure through the roof. Other times, the sheer volume of work is so overwhelming that I find it difficult to concentrate and write productively.

In those situations, I have 5 stress-tested snacks that keep me going.

5. Squish Candy, specifically Proseccco Bears.
These are a relatively new find for me and I have to admit, they’re not for everyone. They have a funky wine smell when you open the bag and dry white wine after taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone. But they definitely appeal to me.


Photo credit: SquishCandies.com

4. Clementines
When times get crazy, I can eat half a box in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

Which begs the question: Is it possible to eat too much citrus?  If the answer is Yes, please don’t tell me – these little guys are just so good!

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

3. Greasy Chinese food
It’s a terrible habit but I always carb-load with greasy Chinese food at lunch when I’m stressed out and have a lot going on.

I ate my lunch before I could snap a picture of it today, so photo credit goes to @ramieri on Instagram.

2. Black coffee
This really doesn’t need any explanation, does it?
Photo credit: Pixabay.com 

1. Miss Vickie’s Chips!
This is, by far, my #1 snack for stressful times.

The salt, the crunch, the greasy mess it leaves on my fingers – everything about them is so satisfying.

What I love most though, is that they take just the right amount of time to eat. Just enough time so that my mind can slow down to a pace that I think straight and write productively.



That’s it! That’s my top 5 go-to snacks. Try one from the list the next time you need to do some emotionally eating.



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