Please, mute your line

Love-Hate is the best way to describe my relationship with conference calls.

Here’s why I love them:

  • I can be extremely productive on calls. I can look things up, make real-time edits to documents, complete a lot of action items right away, and I can manage my inbox while on a call; and
  • They’re perfect for the day after a hard workout when you cannot physically walk to a meeting room…even if it’s two doors down.

Here’s why I hate them:

  • Conference Call Darth Vader.

You know what I mean. There’s always that one heavy-breather who doesn’t mute their line. They breathe like this for the entire call.

So please, the next time you’re on a call, don’t be this guy. hippo-darth-vader
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One day, your true identity will be revealed. So please, mute your line.

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